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Study Counselling

Our company experts are certified agents from respective countries in terms of admission and visa process by guiding students towards the right path by understading their complete needs and demand. We are noted as one of the most comprehensive Education knowledge partners) in Bangalore. The students who are exposed to study in abroad for their career options and they can choose what best fits for their requirements. We guide them throughout the process from application till departure and beyond. Our student feedback survey's are confirmation that our counselled students are highly satisfied by our service.


Profiling Building

Profile building is one of the most important activity to raise of your expertise, skills, achievements and involvements in order to get an admission in top ranking universities. The ever increasing trend of getting good marks in high schools, calls for a more creative method of evaluation by colleges to select students who are ‘better than the best’. Due to drastic increase in competition, the stakes are not very high even if you get good grades. There is no guarantee, this increase in competition has led universities to no longer count on marks as a defining factor for admission. Hence they also focus on achievements beyond academics to gauge the caliber of students. A student with an impressive profile has much more chances of getting into the college of his/her own choice. Profile building is really very important to develop the overall personality of a student but it is not something that can be achieved overnight. It takes time, hence the early you start, and greater are your chances of going to your dream college. Our services will help you to enchance your profile by our expert team in order to achieve your desired goals


Course Selection

We are constantly in touch with the universities we represent and are updated about the variety of courses and programs of study they offer. This helps us to guide our students in making the right decision when it comes to choosing the course of study and which are best fits for their requirements. We do one on one counselling to all students before they selecting their course we will provide complete options what are the course available and the course scope and demand for the future therefore student can explore better options in order to find their new trend studies and future.


Application Process

The University application process can seem intimidating, especially if students don't have parents or siblings who have already been through it and can offer advice. Since there are so many steps, such as writing an essay and obtaining letters of recommendation. Experts educate students to start / create a to-do list during their junior year of high School to University Graduation or Ph.d. "Once you can see it visually, the number of tasks and a schedule to do them, it simplifies a lot of things," says Christine Chu, a premier college admissions counselor at IvyWise. Though there is often prep work that happens beforehand, students generally begin filling out college applications the summer between their under graduate program, experts say. Our team will give complete time frame for every schedule and help you to fill the application till submission where you can increase your probability getting admission from your desired universities


Visa Guidance

When it comes to Visas, our team has a special team of visa facilitators who are highly qualified to give complete guidance in terms of perparing financial documents as per the requirements of respective country visa norms to our students and their families to make sure the visa process system is hassle-free. Such guidance also ensures a strong possibility of successful visa approval. Providing complete step by step guidance from preparing documents till lodge visa where our team got high success rate in visa process.


Pre-Departure briefing

We have a tradition of pre-departure briefing sessions to ease the anxious students and provide them certain last minute tips to make sure their experience of studying abroad is truly special. It is an informal session to educate them about various traits of the study destination they are headed to and it also helps them clarify any last minute queries. This is our way to show that our services are not limited till admissions but also beyond. Because, in the end, it is the relationship we have with our students and their families that matters the most.