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Welcome To Knowledge 2 Global Education

Founded in 2018, Knowledge 2 Global education has come a long way from its beginning.
When we first started, we realise the importance of global education when the globalization is spoken widely.
With our 25+ years of expertise into education, upskilling and corporate hiring trend we see a huge need of global education knowledge in the upcoming days.

We believe Global education is an overall approach to education that focuses on developing students' understanding of other cultures, history, geography of different countries, people and the current events faced in various parts of the world.
So we at Knowledge 2 Global education are thrilled that we're able to turn our passion into service with our website.
With 100+ students who have joined abroad university education we still belive a long way to go as a start up. In Knowledge 2 Global education, we strive to be your number one source for all abroad education. We're dedicated to giving you the very best of solution, with a focus on guiding, educating & opting your personal goals.

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Shriharimoorthy K S
Shriharimoorthy K S

Offered College/University : University of Dundee
Joining Date & Country : 13-Sep-2023
Course Name : Msc International Marketing

Comment on Consulting Session : Before getting started I felt nervous about higher studies and I have zero knowledge in abroad studies when they start conversing it boosted my confidence to step my career zone to next level.
Comment on our Infrastructure feedback : Office space is so welcoming, organized, and equipped with all the necessary amenities.
Comment on our Support : In my case there is no straight forward procedure to do so in that sense they have plenty of patience and provided me full support throughout year and whole process, even on Sunday they haven’t hesitate to answer to my queries. And from starting from the college shortlisting, bank loan support, document and accommodation etc.. they gave their cent% support without any difficulties. So, overall they are providing complete support towards the candidate.
Overall Comment: I had a great and good experience with them. and especially they are trust worthy and cost worthy. I strongly recommend to grab their service.

Aakash Kanna Natarajan
Aakash Kanna Natarajan

Offered College/University : Royal Roads University, Victoria
Joining Date & Country : 15 Jan 2024 - Canada
Course Name : Master of Global Management

Comment on Consulting Session : It was very clear and detailed. They specifically explained about all the countries and their study options that matches with my goal.
Comment on our Infrastructure feedback : All good
Comment on our Support : From the outset, your team's professionalism and commitment to providing top-notch service have truly set you apart. Your team support from the application to the visa process is smooth and truly commendable. Your student support network also very helpful on finding my accommodations.
Overall Comment: A very special thanks to my mentor Mr. Karthikeyan sir who is phenomenal and been as solid support not only to me but to my family also in this journey. Your wisdom, encouragement, and belief in my potential have been instrumental in navigating the challenges and uncertainties. Knowing that I have such a dedicated mentor by my side has made a significant difference in my academic pursuits. A heartfelt thanks to you and your incredible team – Kishore sir , Mani Meghale Ma’am for the unwavering support and guidance. I am truly grateful for your collective efforts.

Kanumuri Ruthvik
Kanumuri Ruthvik

Offered College/University : Texas A&M university
Joining Date & Country : August 21, 2023, USA
Course Name : MS in Data Science

Comment on Consulting Session : The whole process was done smoothly without any setbacks.
Comment on our Infrastructure feedback : Good
Comment on our Support : Everyone was very helpful and everyone was just a call away for any doubts I had even when it was late.
Overall Comment: Amazing

Rajesh Bura
Rajesh Bura

Offered College/University : Unitec Institute of Technology
Joining Date & Country : 19 th July 2023, New Zealand
Course Name : Masters of Applied Business

Comment on Consulting Session : It was very informative which helped to decide the path based on my need at the first instance. The amount of research and knowledge is commendable by K2GE team.
Comment on our Infrastructure feedback : It was in a prime location and easily accessible and very well-maintained facilities.
Comment on our Support : Needless to say, right from day one too until the day I received my visa the team K2GE was my backbone irrespective of my queries and support which I needed in the process.
Overall Comment: Thank you so much, K2GE, for the wonderful experience throughout the process, from suggesting the best universities to the visa approvals. Special thanks to Dr.Karthick and Kishore, with the amount of expertise they own, who had been very instrumental throughout the journey with their support and help. Thanks a lot team K2ge.

Anjali J Murthy
Anjali J Murthy

Offered College/University : George Mason University
Joining Date & Country : Fall 2022, USA
Course Name : MS in Computer Science

Comment on Consulting Session : Session was really informative. Everyone were approachable and I’m glad even during covid these wasn’t affected. (Shout out to pinky (From K2GE) for giving all the special attention.)
Comment on our Process feedback : Initially when I started with the process, I was nervous and had no idea on which information I know was genuine. Dr. Karthik has been really helpful and has a good knowledge of the process.
Comment on our Support : Staff is really student friendly and encouraging. I really appreciate the genuine feedback a student receives and not any sugar-coated words.
Overall Comment: Overall I have a good experience with K2GE. I would always recommend them, during the peak time I faced difficulties reaching out to a staff….
I am grateful for all the assistance I have received otherwise. Keep up the good work K2GE.

Siri Kademani
Siri Kademani

Offered College/University : Arizona State University
Joining Date & Country : Aug 17 2022, US
Course Name : Masters in Business Analytics

Comment on Consulting Session : The consulting session was detailed from day 1 and the team helped me with deciding which course was apt for me based on my profile, shortlisting of universities and finally with the admission process. Kartikeyan sir was the guiding force who helped me make right choices with the universities. I also really liked, how they helped me with the Visa mock interviews . These interviews boosted my confidence and prepared me well for the actual visa interview.
Comment on our Infrastructure feedback : Even though I was not able to visit the office and was consulting the team from my hometown , Kartikeyan sir and Kishore sir always made sure to guide me and help me with the admission process via google meetings. The meetings were crisp, short and on to the point.
Comment on our Support : The team made sure to help me 24/7 and were available whenever I needed their help. Just one phone call or a google meet away, and whenever needed the team helped me answer all my queries be it with respect to education loans, admission process or the Visa interviews.
Overall Comment: I would like to thank the team for encouraging me to go ahead and apply for such good universities. Thank you for being the guiding light in the first step of my study abroad journey. I am really happy with the choice of the university I made. Only gratitude!

Godlive Jyothi
Godlive Jyothi

Offered College/University : University of Texas at Arlington
Joining Date & Country : Aug 25 2021, USA
Course Name : MS Business Analytics

Comment on Consulting Session : The consulting session was really good, they gave all the option and details which suit for us. Explained each and everything repeatedly to make us understand.
Comment on our Support : Dr. Karthikeyan was the first person, he has been personality taking care from start to end by providing clear information. Will definitely refer my friends.
Overall Comment: I'm glad to have service with K2GE, they were really helpful in each process. It's was great service provided by them. Thanks to K2GE for the wonderful service.

Jailekha Chandraiah
Jailekha Chandraiah

Offered College/University : Brunel University, London
Joining Date & Country : Jan 04 2021, United Kingdom
Course Name : MSc INTERNATIONAL Business(Professional Pract) JAN FTPL

Comment on Consulting Session : Very Helpful and they advise on each and every point.
Comment on our Infrastructure feedback : Everything is on point! Great place
Comment on our Support : I received immense support from Mr. Karthikeyan and Mr. Kishore. There were some incidents which were hard but with their support everything felt easy going as they took all the risks and hardships.
Overall Comment: Overall I’m happy that I found this consultancy and got into right place, They are well versed and know what they are doing, this gives much needed support and confidence to the students as well! Hope they reach heights and help many more students to reach their dream universities and goals.

Thank you to both Karthikeyan sir and Kishore sir for helping me in every step. All the best to both of u sir for your further work.

Raja Ganesh.S
Raja Ganesh.S

Offered College/University : Brunel university, UK
Joining Date & Country : Jan 11 2021
Course Name : Msc in Human Resource Management

Comment on Consulting Session :I visited various consultancy agencies where I wasn’t satisfied , Mr.Karthikeyan helped me visualize my career in a clean and clear path which made me to choose this agency.
Comment on our Infrastructure feedback :The location is easily identifiable and pleasant ambience for a peaceful mind to think and take career decisions.
Comment on our Support : I was amazed to see the way the SOP was written for me. K2GE gave me full support on whatever needed and wherever necessary.
Overall Comment: I can easily say that even for my kid I would take help from K2GE for career guidance . They are super good and very well experienced in this field. Their service is transparent and provides greater confidence than of other consultancies.

Pranav Sankaran
Pranav Sankaran

Offered College/University : Arizona State University, USA
Joining Date & Country : Spring 2021
Course Name : Industrial Engineering (MS)

Dr. Karthikeyan was highly supportive and well informed and made sure to provide me with all the info I needed when it came to Univ. and course selection , he even took the time to explain the strengths and weakness of my profile to me and my parents in an delightful way which made the overall process smooth and highly efficient. He collected all the documents he needed beforehand so I don’t have to go through any trouble and provided with incredible assistance when it came to resume and LOR,SOP building.
I was able to bag an admission in United States’s one of the top university, the helped me with a lot of emotional support especially a week before on my visa with mock interview. It was a very smooth journey as I knew it’s a team of highly hardworking gentlemen.

Azeem Arjunana

I'm really glad and would like to thank K2GE consulting. Especially Dr. Karthikeyan sir, he was very helpful. Right from the offer to the visa, everything was done smoothly and I got admitted at University of Strathclyde, United kingdom. Each and every queries were cleared with patience no matter how many times I ask. He is a person with prompt knowledge. I really had less chance to study abroad but he made it possible. And of course Kishore sir he handled my visa application. He is very kind and gentle. I thank them for the quality assistance. I recommend everyone to go through them if you want your work get done without any hustle bustle. Thank you again for this. Madlove and peace.

manjunath ravi
Manjunath Ravi

The service provided by 'K2GE' to students who are aspiring to complete their studies internationally, such as myself, should be commended. Right from the initial contact with the universities till my departure from India, your organization’s staffs were tremendous in helping on my application issues and special emphasize on application manager who thoroughly helped on my visa process and doubts regarding universities, fee structure, study methodology was duly answered by him, Thanks for guiding and shaping my future career in New Zealand. Finally, I’m completely satisfied with your work and would like to convey my gratitude to the counselors assigned to my case.

vignesh k
Vignesh K

K2ge company has helped me to get the VISA to Ireland where it was defying to get one. The team who can assist anyone to get what they need, they listens to your passion, requirements, analyses it and finds out the possibilities where you can glisten in your life and then they deliver what they promise to you. The best in the industry where i find after visited lots of consultancies including top brand companies too. Thanks to K2GE.